Responsible. Resourceful.

As a company that delivers water every day through millions of faucets worldwide, Delta places a high priority on products that address today's water conservation concerns. We're committed to providing smart water delivery solutions that increase water savings* without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of the user experience or the durability of our products.

Delta Faucet Company continually strives to operate its manufacturing facilities and production processes to manufacture high-quality products while giving due consideration to the impact on the environment. The company utilizes a water-based metal cleaning method that has eliminated solvent degreasers. In 1999, Delta Faucet Company became the first U.S. faucet manufacturer to be ISO 14001 (the international conformance standard for environmental management) certified.

And Delta Faucet Company, North America’s faucet innovation leader, has been named 2013 WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The manufacturer of Delta®, Brizo® and Peerless® branded products was recognized for its outstanding support of the WaterSense program and ongoing commitment to promoting advancements in water efficiency.

In these ways and others, we're working to reduce our impact on the environment, without sacrificing the convenience, comfort or durability of our products. The Company will continue to evaluate its processes to identify innovative and meaningful ways to create even further improved product technologies and manufacturing processes.

*Many of Delta Faucet Company's products have the ability to conserve water by utilizing technologies such as metering faucets, low flow aerators and electronics.