Hospitality & Public Facility

Hospitality & Public Facility

Project Type: Inn & Casino
Location: Alberta
Engineering Category: New Construction

Designing and specifying an inn and casino requires strong business partners who can provide multiple solutions on the project.

This project, based in Calgary, was a ground up construction of a property with 108 guest rooms and 28 luxurious suites. The facility also boasts a full casino and all of the public facilities to support the casino’s entertainment audience.

Our products spanned the applications of hotel rooms to public washrooms to the restaurant kitchen.

Select Products Installed:
81T201BT – Exposed Flush Valve, Battery Operated
81T231BT – Exposed Flush Valve, Battery Operated
540-WFTP – Single Handle Lavatory Faucet
591-LGHGMHDF – Electronic Lavatory Faucet
1348 – Single Lever Kitchen Faucet