MultiChoice Universal Tub / Shower Rough - Universal Inlets / Outlets

Model #: R10000-UNBX
List Price as Shown (US $)1
Tub/Shower (R10000-UNBX) $62.40
Total: $62.40

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R10000-UNBX R10000-UNBX R10000-UNWS R10000-UNWSBXT R10000-UNBXT R10000-UN R10000-UNWS-3

Product Features and Benefits

  • Valve body only
  • Accepts single-function (13/14), dual-function (17), or dual-function thermostatic (17T) cartridge
  • Cartridge ships with trim kit
  • 1/2" universal inlets accept 1/2" copper, 1/2" iron pipe, PEX or CPVC adapters
  • 1/2" universal outlets, inlets/outlets have male threads
  • Back-to-back capability
  • BX = single box model
  • BXT = single box model, thin wall mounting kit included
  • WS = with stops, single box model
  • R10000-UNBX and R10000-UNBXT models include test plug
  • R10000-UN - restricted to case pack of 12 - priced each
  • Limited Faucet and Finish Warranty
MultiChoice Universal Tub / Shower Rough - Universal Inlets / Outlets
Model #: R10000-UNBX
Number of handles:
With Side Sprayer:
Valve Type:
Valve body only
Red/Blue Indicator:

Product Support and Repair Parts

Support Information

The following support information is available for this model:

Maintenance & Installation Sheet (PDF)
Product Maintenance, Installation and Parts - Trilingual
Technical Specifications (PDF)
R10000-UNBX Spec Sheet (Model Specific)
Spec Sheet (Series) - English

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